Monday, October 18, 2010

Got the Internet back up and running, I have decided that I must have "no life" if the Internet has become that important to me. Actually maybe that's not a fair assessment of the whole situation. since moving to St. Croix, I have gone over to paying almost all my bills online, and doing quite a bit of shopping there also. Then there is my Kyani business, of which about 70% is done online, so it's not just the "social" thing. Finally there is this blog, which I do primarily for myself, my way of keeping a Journal, and I have started to feel bad if I miss too many days. Not to mention that if unable to get to the blog I might lose some really profound thoughts to the inner workings of my brain. Ok, getting carried away there.

The other day I had wanted to write a little bit about gossip. Over the years I have seen gossip do so much damage. Of course, I have indulged in it, I'm sorry to say. I have often justified it by saying well it wasn't mean or malicious gossip, in other words I suppose it was good gossip? Is that like a good tooth ache or a good head ache. It's apparent that gossip has done it's share of damage in our little Branch here on St. Croix. Somehow I feel that most of that was considered to be "good gossip" or at least not the mean or malicious type, but after all one man's ceiling is just another man's floor, so who is to say. I have made a decision to do my best to refrain from all gossip(now I'll probably really be boring), today I was talking with Rick and we promised each other we would work hard to refrain from all gossip and about 20 minutes later I heard him engaging is some "good gossip", I was on the phone when I overheard a portion of his conversation with some others and I rudely called him on it, but later he did thank me and remark how easy it was to slip into it without even thinking. Maybe instead of being boring because we didn't gossip, we would actually be more interesting because we found uplifting topics to talk about instead of talking about others. Just a thought!

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