Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last night we had our first "storm". A Tropical Wave, passed through. This is what they call an unorganized storm system (organized is would be a Tropical Storm and further organization would be a Hurricane) anyway it way something to behold. The wind was blowing, you could hear the waves crashing and it was raining sideways. The driveway to the condo was running like a river. I really don't want to see no Hurricane.

We came upstairs and put the TV on just to see the Tropical Update on the Weather Channel to see if it was directly over us...duh... and as soon as we did the power went out. It took a few minutes and the generators at the condo kicked in, so we went back to bed. Rick was asleep immediately, but I had to read myself to sleep, listening to that wind. Power outages seem to be pretty common around here. This is the third one we have experienced since we've been here (2 weeks) and the other two we're even during any bad weather. The one last night apparently was the entire island. This could get interesting.

Today it was overcast and cooler, quite a bit cooler, not like you needed a sweater or anything but cooler (like in the 70's). Went to the Church Father's Day Dinner tonight, it was really nice, good food, some things a little different than what we're used to (no Tots) but really good. It was nice to actually socialize with the Saints and get to know some of the people better. They are so friendly and accepting, it's really nice.

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