Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spent most of the day cleaning the other half of the condo. I have to admit that it's not to hard to clean here and I actually could clean the whole place in about 2-3 hours except for the dripping wet factor. Therefore, I do a little and come out on the gallery(deck) and cool off and go back for more, so in 4 or 5 of these sessions, I get one floor cleaned. If I do 1 floor a day every few weeks, it's not too bad.

Rick spent most of the day revising yet another resume for a teaching position at one of the private secondary schools on the island. I know it's something he would really like to do. I think th4e hardest part of leaving Idaho for him, was to give up teaching at BYUI, but even if hired tomorrow, that position probably won't start until September. Aaarrg, we need work now. Patience, patience, patience. I can be patient. I hope our finances can.

We had Brother and sister Babcock over for dinner tonight. Really enjoyed ourselves, they are good company, Really nice people, but also the Spirit is strong with them and that is always special.

Keep praying for us to find work and for our friends and family.

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