Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just another Sunday in Paradise. It is so incredible here. The skies have cleared (it's been partly cloudy) and with the blue sky the water is more blue and turquoise. I am in AWE!

We went to church this morning and it too was incredible. There were about 30 people or less there, including the Missionaries, but the spirit was so strong. On two different occasions a sister got up to bear her testimony, and she sang a verse from a hymn, Capella, it was beautiful. When these people down here pray, it is powerful. I really don't know how to explain the difference but it was powerful. The Gospel is true and the same and yet it is somehow very different, maybe in the coming weeks I will be able to put my finger on that difference and explain it better. They talk a lot about being Christian and I suppose that a lot of people here are not Christians, that is unusual to me. We are definitely not in Idaho anymore.

Drove home from church a different way and saw the South side of the island, a little different and still beautiful. Looking South over the ocean we are pretty close to South American (only about 500 miles), it's farther to the States. Still can't get used to the idea that we are out of the country.

Glad to have this day of rest, I can't believe how tired I am, the last 48 hours have just been a blur. Tomorrow it's onto the next thing, Rick finding a job and then buying some kind of car. I hope that can happen quickly and we can turn the rental back early, it's sooooo expensive. Hope we can get the cell phone working at the condo tomorrow too.

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