Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Got into bed last night and when we put a movie in the computer I realized that I hadn't blogged. It was probably just as well. I was tired and crabby from riding in the car most of the day. Rick had to go to the airport to the TSA office for a TWIC card and I went with him, only to find out that the TSA office was closed on Monday. Nobody seems to work around here. Anyway we were almost to Fredricksted so we took a drive. I really wasn't in the mood. Came back went to the pool to work out, had dinner, watched Pi rates of the Caribbean and fell asleep. Not too exciting.

Tuesday...I decided I wasn't getting into the car unless it was for something really cool. Nothing really cool came up so I didn't get into the car. Rick did have a good interview with another Survey Company, no offer, but it looks promising. He did go to the Airport and got TWICed. The TWIC card is an identification/clearance from the government for anyone who works on or around the docks in any capacity, even the surveyors want it. It's issued by TSA or at least through them, costs $132. Even the TSA officers thought Rick would be a slam/dunk because he had similar security clearance from DOE for his work at the SITE in ID. I did some work at home, worked out in the pool and really enjoyed my deck. I think all the moving is catching up with me, I just feel really tired today.

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