Monday, June 28, 2010

I was having a bit of a difficult day today, don't know why. Two weeks ago a bridge fell out of my mouth, I had to find a dentist to cement it back in. I think I got some food caught under the bridge, because today my mouth around it was all swollen and sore. This made me crabby, really crabby. Then I was too hot and got more crabby. Hence, a difficult day.

We did sell our '91 Subaru, back in Idaho, today. Didn't get as much as we were hoping but we did get a fair price for a 19 year old car. A friend (actually our former Bishop) went over to the dealer who bought it and picked up the check and put it in our bank for us. All of this and I was having a difficult day. I have since repented and realized how blessed we are.

We got some difficult news last night. The three year old grandson of some good friends of ours, back in Idaho, apparently has cancer. The initial diagnosis does not sound too good(what could be good about a 3 year old having cancer). We are just sick about this news. Our prayers are with them, but being so far away we feel so helpless to even offer comfort. These are people who have strong testimonies of how much Heavenly Father loves them, but this still has to be a very heartbreaking thing to deal with.

No matter what, keep praying!

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