Friday, June 11, 2010

Well we have been here one week today, sometimes it feels like a lot longer than that and sometimes it feels like we just got here. Trying to find our purpose, trying to be useful, trying to do what we are supposed to.

Found a car yesterday that we could afford, it was pretty ugly but we convinced ourselves that it would be OK, went to take it out for a test drive today and it really felt "unsafe", passed on it and moved on, found another one , same thing ugly, but we could afford it and it too did not seem like the right thing. Feeling a little confused, trying to buy what we can afford(which really isn't much) and trying hard to be practical but it doesn't seem to be the right thing, not sure where to turn on this one. We did get some advice, from more than one person actually, and tomorrow we are going to act on it and see the local Ford dealer and see what they can do. The rental car is expensive and we feel the need to turn it back but really can't be without transportation. Hopefully we will be presented with something tomorrow that will feel right.

Still trying to work out the phone situation and the computer thing, both are a little better, found that we can call forward our cell phone into the land line at the condo, so we can receive calls inside, but still need to go out to the pool to make calls (I know it's a hardship). Computer is better, just a little slow.

Working hard on being calm, listening to the Spirit and allowing ourselves to be led.

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