Friday, June 18, 2010

The longer we're here I find this place more incredible every day. The beauty is astounding. Today we woke to clouds, which broke to reveal a gloriously beautiful blue sky. Then later on this afternoon the winds picked up and it cooled off. The sunset was overcast and cloudy and still beautiful as the rays of the sun were coming through the clouds reflecting off the water. An hour after the sun has gone down the sky is still painted pink from it's reflection deep over the horizon.

The color of the sea is beyond description, but you know I'm going to try. It changes with the sky and goes from a beautiful deep azure blue to that incredible turquoise that exists only in the warm waters of the Caribbean. I have to admit that I haven't been in the ocean yet,(in the pool daily for a workout, but not into the ocean) we are planning a beach day tomorrow but we'll have to see what the weather brings. Their is a "tropical wave" predecessor to a "tropical storm" but never fully organized on it's way so they are predicting ran for the weekend.

It's raining tonight, and although it seems to be a pretty light rain, the parking lot at the condo is literally running with water. They were predicting "flash flood" warnings for the island and from some of the swales we have seen in the roads, I believe it. We're starting to understand why 4-wheel drives are so popular here.

The rain smells so clean here. Different than in the mountains, but really good. It also seems to bring out the colors in the foliage and has a beauty all it's own. I'll try to post more pictures as I'm sure they do more justice than my descriptions.

Rick has several good interviews today, hopefully a job offer next week. Keep praying for us.

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