Thursday, June 24, 2010

More job searching today, more contacts, nothing definite yet. We may have found a car. A member of our Branch Presidency is keeping a car for a friend who went back to the states, he got us in contact with the guy and he can't really sell the car(used it for collateral for a loan, for more than it's worth) but he's willing to rent it to us for less than half of what the "rental" car is. It needs some minor work, so we're going to offer to pay a little less than he's asking monthly but take care of the minor repairs. Hopefully within 90 days we can get something of our own, but this will work in the meantime. Unfortunately the car is a Dodge Durango, my least favorite car, but hey, it's a deal that works, I deal with that.

Praying for that job opportunity. Have the potential for an entrepreneurial deal that we need to check out tomorrow, not too excited about going back into business for ourselves, but if this is the path the Lord has for us, we don't want to be stupid. We'll see what happens.

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