Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After the rain storms moved out last weekend it got incredibly quiet. By quiet I mean there was no wind at all,not the slightest breeze and then it really felt hot. We were still able to sleep at night and all but we really needed the ceiling fans. The ocean was really calm, just the slow roll of the current no waves, it was almost a little eerie. Then this morning there was a quick shower and the wind is back and it really helps to cool our place off. It is pleasant to sit on the gallery(deck) again. I wave a fond goodbye to the doldrums.

Had a pleasant visit on the phone with Rachel today, unfortunately it was because she was home from work. Her back in bothering her. Tomorrow she will see a chiropractor. Hope she can get some relief, it's a long way to the end of November and the birth of her new baby for her to wait for freedom from pain.

The news tonight about our dear friend's grandson is not good. He has cancer throughout his little body. They plan to treat him with chemo. Our hearts break for them and this brave little guy who has to endure so much.

Keep praying!

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