Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today I took the day off. I think all of the moving, jet lag and general excitement caught up with me. I didn't sleep very well last night and I was dog tired today.

Rick spent the day working on his resume and several writing projects for a job application with the St Croix Landmark Society. This is a very interesting position. Rick's overall life experience has him well qualified for this position but we'll see what they think at the very least we will drive out to the Whim Plantation (apparent headquarters for the Landmark Society. The Plantation is kind of a museum of historical significance plantation life on the island. We have seen pictures on another blog posted by the full time Missionary couple here on the island and it really looks interesting.

We did get our first mail today. A package of mail sent to us by Sister Lundquist and a Father's Day present from Rachel. Funny how the little things, like mail at a new address can be so exciting.

Keep us in your prayers. We need to find work and make some arrangements about a vehicle.

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