Saturday, June 5, 2010

We made it, we are on St Croix. Yesterday was hectic. We had a hotel reservation, one of Ricky's specials and I promise you it was (we checked out this morning) but we had not reserved a rental car. That was interesting seeing as how we had 8 (5 extremely heavy and large) pieces of luggage, but we finally got it figured out, and to the hotel. Had dinner on the waterfront and went back to the hotel and fell into bed(more than exhausted). Woke up this morning to the rooster crowing and the sound of a weed hacker(told you it was a Ricky Special).

St Croix is totally amazing. It's like Pirates of the Caribbean come to life. Very old and colonial looking, around every corner is a new surprise (literally, driving is a trip as you drive on the left, I may not drive here for a very long time). The ocean is incredible, the everything else totally awesome. We started looking at rentals and I think we can actually afford a really nice 2 bedroom condo on the water, they will rent to us month to month, so if we can't we'll enjoy it for a month anyway.

There is so much I want to say and so much more to do right now. We're "using" internet hot spots at restaurants and such for now, so once we get moved into our own place we'll get set up and I can write more and post pictures. Let me just say this is the type of place I'm glad I never came for a vacation; cause I really wouldn't want to leave!

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