Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finally had a real Saturday, in other words we just goofed off. Went to the pool first thing in the morning to work out. Then came home got ready and went to the beach to play. Went to the beach at the Divi Carina Resort. There is no such thing as a private beach on St. Croix, so all of the resorts have to open their beaches to the public. They have parking and generally a walkway through to the beach. It was really nice. Rick snorkeled quite a bit, I just played in the water and sat on the beach, but all in all a real relaxing day. Later we went to K-Mart for some much needed cleaning supplies, so you know what I'll be doing on Monday. Looking forward to church tomorrow, Rick is speaking in Sacrament Meeting, it should be interesting. It feels good to go to church and get the Spiritual Batteries recharged.

I really have the feeling that Rick will have some employment this next week, just keep praying.

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