Saturday, June 5, 2010

First the good news, we rented this really cool 2 bedroom condo. they would accept a month to month lease, so we'll see how it works out. the view out the living room and master bedroom is of the Caribbean Sea, we are right on the waterfront, short walk to the beach, great pool and other nice amenities. It is furnished really nice and pretty well equipped.

The bad news for the moment anyway is we did not get the code to get into the pool and my Sprint cell phone doesn't seem to work at the condo. I'm sure we can get the pool code tomorrow ( I really wanted to go for a swim this evening) and if there is no Sprint coverage here at the condo, I had a 30 day no questions asked get out of my contract clause with Sprint and then I can go with AT&T( that would be the case just as I'm getting my new phone figured out). So I'll have to check all of that out on Monday.

The condo does have free Wi-Fi, so I'm up and running. Today was a little hectic again. We went grocery shopping, we looked at rentals and drove all over the place. Had Crabby Patties (they were incredible) for lunch and by evening both Rick and I turned into "Crabby Patties" ourselves. It's a little bit hard to be in such a place, where you just want to hand on the beach and play tourist, and take care of business.

In a day or two, I'll work on posting pictures and videos, can only take so many new and frustrating activities per day.

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