Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Sunday, our third here, and I'm getting used to the flow of things in the Branch. Today Sister Dula spoke on Alma's talk to Helaman regarding the joy we gain from the fruits of our labors. I really enjoyed her talk, it was mostly about the joy we gain, or can gain from our children. Last night we gave sister Dula a ride to the church dinner(she doesn't drive at night any more) so we got to know her a little, she an interesting lady, originally from Trinidad. The talks in church are a little different here, but the Gospel is the same.

The Branch President asked to meet with Rick and I today(separately) I think he is looking for guidance in issuing callings to us. He told both of us that he knows we are here for a reason and that this little Branch needs us. I wonder if he also knows how much we need them. It is a humbling experience to be so far from home and yet feel so "at home" as you can in the Church.

The 3 Elders are coming over for dinner on Tuesday. Two of them will be going home on Wednesday, so I suppose it will be a farewell dinner as well as a get to know you dinner. They will return to Peru and Honduras respectively. Elder Radford(the only one whose name I can spell and who is from Idaho Falls) will still be here, at least I hope so, I suppose he could be transferred. We'll have to wait and see.

The Branch President told both Rick and I that he will submit Rick's name to the Mission President as the Elder's Quorum President for the Branch, somehow I have a feeling that Rick will actually be the Mission Leader again here in St. Croix, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. Whatever they call either of us to do, we will do our best for them.

We had a nice Father's Day. Haven't talked to our kids yet, but it's still early in Idaho. It was rainy again so we just had a nice lazy afternoon. I gave Rick snorkel gear for Father's Day, so now he can't wait to get in the water. Rachel, Don and Macy sent nice gifts that came on time, also great cards. Rick has to hit the bricks tomorrow and seriously look for work. Someone at the Branch, knows of a car that we might be able to get for cheap. Things are looking up. Now if our cars in Idaho will just sell.

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