Friday, July 2, 2010

Returned the rental car today and had one of those "just shoot me" experiences. Don't you love those. Anyway, I firmly but politely stood my ground and we finally got it worked out to my satisfaction. The up side is that I asked them if they needed any help. Told them I was looking for some part-time work and would love to help them out. The woman I was talking to was the office manager, and she seemed interested and said she would talk to the owner. I guess they decided they wanted me on their side.

Some real positive job interviews for Rick yesterday. Unfortunately with the Holiday weekend, he won't know anything until Tuesday, but some things that look really good. Just have to be patient and keep praying.

Although we are out from under the rental, we still don't have "our" car yet. Their was some glitch regarding the owner's insurance. Trying to get the insurance settled was truly and "island moment". It too will have to wait until Tuesday. One of the Branch members, who will be in the states for a week, is lending us his car until we can get it all worked out. Doing that type of business down here is like herding cats. Rick is getting good at it and that's kind of scary.

I did drive, on the left, today, for the first time and it wasn't too bad. No trail of bloodied bodies left behind and I wasn't hauled off to jail for any misdemeanors. All you have to remember is that the driver should be hugging the curb. I think I can get the handle of this.

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