Monday, August 30, 2010

3:18PM we got the Internet back, so I thought I would post an update. Storm is still not past us, but a little bit west yet, seems it's taking a curve to the direct west instead of heading north as projected. Hasn't been too bad here. The swells on the ocean are tremendous and the breakers at the shore are enormous. Some thunder and lightening not mot near as much rain as expected, good stiff wind but again not as bad as expected. We may still see a little bit worse as it passes by. The power has been off since early this morning, but thank goodness for the generator at the condo, it has been running steady. Hopefully we will post more tonight, as it is to our east. Still praying. Pray for Haiti, if it continues directly west, it won't be good for them. Hope the rest of the island is safe. Took some pictures, but they really don't show much. Will post them later.

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