Monday, August 30, 2010

Hurricane Earl is almost here. A Category 2 Hurricane that should pass to the north of us. It looks like St Thomas and St John may take an almost direct hit. They are expecting the worst to be between noon and 6PM. At 8 this morning the Governor came on the radio and closed all of the schools(today was to be the first day) and the government. They did ask for the staff at the schools and the government to come in and secure the buildings. They have frozen prices on all essentials on the island(what a novel idea~no gouging) and asked people to pray(another novel idea~especially coming from the government). It's pretty bad out, but not so scary. Patio doors in the upstairs are shuttered, but we're waiting on the downstairs, want to be able to see out and this is more protected, we'll probably close those shutters if it gets worse around noon. They are reporting trees and power poles down around the island, but none of that where we can see. We've got a good radio broadcast, with up to the minute news, but the TV stations are down. There is another tropical wave out in the Atlantic that they are expecting to develop by Thursday, so we could be in for a double this week.

I'll try to post more later and record this as it happens, but I don't know how long we'll have Internet. I have been praying all night and will keep on, pray for us and our island.

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