Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's the day after the Hurricane passed by and our generators ran until about 4PM, that means the power was still off in our area. I shouldn't complain, because, even though the power was off, we had power, via the generator. Many people on the island were without power and water for over 24 hours. As we got out and about we did see that there was quite a bit of damage in the manner of downed trees and power poles, fortunately there didn't appear to be much structural damage to homes(some of the other islands had a lot more). Our pool was pretty full of palm fonds and various types of foliage. Mike, the guy who cares for the pool here, spent most of the day getting it back in order.

The storm certainly gives me pause to think. I know that our prayers were answered and we were blessed by it passing so far to the north of us. I am grateful for our home and although there were many unpleasant things about the storm, we really didn't have it bad at all (especially by comparison). There are so many things that could have been worse. Our major loss was the cable TV, it went off early yesterday, and still hasn't come back, since we don't watch it much, it isn't a great loss to us (but we do like to tune into the weather channel, to see what's up next).

I'm so grateful that Macy and Rachel left when they did. Of course, Rick was watching the weather and if this had been threatening we would have sent them home early. Flights in and out were cancelled from late Sunday until Tuesday afternoon.

Rick went out to the Job Site today, but the contractor never showed. Rick called him and he didn't have power at his shop, so he sent his crews home. He was worried about the next storm, Fiona, and not sure when he would be back on the job. Fiona is only a Tropical Storm, still far to our east. It is expected to go far to our north and to not strengthen above a Tropical Storm, so Rick is trying to motivate the contractor to get back on the job. If he doesn't work, neither do we and needless to say, we don't get paid. For an easy job, that is only part-time with time and a half pay, it sure gets complicated. I guess Rick will be earning his paycheck, in more ways than expected.

Reflecting on my calling, especially with respect to the upcoming changes in our Branch. I wish they would just move ahead with the changes, so I know exactly what I will be doing and how to proceed. There is so much to be done, and everything has to be done so delicately and slowly. I do see the importance to helping the people who are already here, learn how and why certain things are done. I do believe that if they are truly invested in the Gospel and feel needed, they will progress. If they really learn how things are supposed to work they can truly govern themselves. I'm just not sure what my part in helping this to come about is. Ok, OK I guess I need to keep praying. I need to pray for guidance and for patience(diligent perseverance).

Well that's it for today. I need to get to bed and put my leg up. It has been swollen for 3 days for no apparent reason, and it hurts. Rick thinks it may have to do with the barometric pressure, I'm trying to drink gallons of water and keep it elevated to see if that will help. This is getting boring.

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