Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today is a 2fer. I blogged this morning, cause who ever knows when we will have service and then I thought I would put down some random thoughts tonight.

Well we still have no contract, not car, no fun. Supposedly the contract is all signed and Rick will be told where to go tomorrow to sign and he can start work, if he can get there that is. Well he can walk into town to sign the contract, it won't necessarily be fun, but it can be done. Starting work will be another matter.

We found a car, gonna sleep on it and pray about it but I think it might be it. It's a 1997 Infinity, a pretty classy car in it's day, a little worn now but, it's only $2500, if we can borrow $3,000 to cover the insurance and inspection and registration, I think we can get it. The only place to go for the money is the local loan sharks(Express Financial, not really loan sharks, but they might as well be) the interest is like a credit card (expensive) but if things go well we can pay this off in a year or less and that should make it more bearable. We, of course, have to have the signed contract,(everything here seems to be a chicken or the egg proposition) to prove employment, to apply for the loan and they say that they can turn it around in one day(that will be a first). If even the loan sharks won't lend to us, we're back to square one, but I just know that something will work out.

I'm really having my faith tested here, but I actually hope that I'm getting stronger. Been reading a lot lately and after just so many novels with a sprinkling of scripture, I thought, if I can read 700+ pages a week in a novel, surely I can read the 510 pages of the Book of Mormon again(not to mention the fact that you need a drivers license-local one-to get a library card and I can't afford a drivers license, right now,nor can I afford any more paper back books) so I have been diligently reading my book of Mormon and I am once again proved correct in thinking that all the answers to life are in there. You have to be patient and really read, study and guess what, pray about what you read, but all the answers are there. It also makes me feel better. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy the novels, but they don't make me feel better.

I am grateful for all that I have. I know that I have a really good husband. The last two weeks have been real hard on both of us, but believe it or not we are closer than we ever have been. I am grateful for my testimony, it is what keeps me going. I am grateful for so many wonderful friends, some very new ones and some very old. Ever notice how some people you seem to recognize their Spirit and they yours and your are friends almost instantly. I am most grateful to be here on St. Croix, this has been such an amazing two months and even though a lot harder that I ever imagined, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am grateful for all of the people we have met and being able to witness their experiences. I am grateful for my family even though they have not all supported us wholeheartedly, I love them more and more each day. In short I am truly grateful. guess that's why I needed to write a second time today, to have the opportunity to express that.

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