Thursday, August 19, 2010

Waiting for Rachel to download the pictures of Rick's new office. She and Don went with him yesterday to check out the job site and she took some pictures but hasn't downloaded them into my compute yet, will try to get them on by tomorrow. You'll see how rough his life is.

Finished reading Either this morning have to admit I fell a little behind in my Book of Mormon reading withe the kids here and all, but back to Either, what an incredibly sad story. The parallels of the Book of Mormon to our time are incredible, it was definitely written for us. It's amazing just how dumb people can be. If the whole world only knew. You know, I figured a long time ago(of course, not long enough) that if we each would listen to the previous generation(our parents) and not make the same mistakes that they did, we of course would make some new mistakes, but then if our children listened to us and so on and so on we would truly be on the road to perfection. But....the natural man is so dumb he insists on making the same mistakes over and over again and not learning anything. They say that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different out come each time is the definition of insanity, Well there you go, the world has gone insane. Are you surprised, I'm not, just trying not to go there myself. I suppose the first change we need to make is with ourselves and hope for the best.

Tonight, we go to the Beach BBQ at the Divi Resort and see the Mocko Jumbies. It should be fun. My crab won, at the crab races the other night(only cost me $2 for the crab) so I got a free ticket to the dinner tonight, that sure helped out the budget, now we only have to buy one(or Rick could stay home, just kidding). We'll get paid next week, YEAH, it's been a while. Going back to the beach again today, more snorkeling, hope for good weather.

Keep praying, especially for your families, maybe we can all get on that road to perfection, better late than never!

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