Friday, August 27, 2010

Had an absolutely amazing day with Rachel and Macy. We started out in the pool and then went to the beach, two beaches actually. First we went to the beach at the Carambola Resort, it was glorious but there is no reef and the swells were breaking so hard we really couldn't get in the water. Rachel, of course, got in but it was too much for even her. So we went back to Cane Bay, big swells there also but the breakers weren't so bad. Had a nice time bobbing in the waves. SEE PICTURES AT THE LEFT. Rachel and Macy tried to snorkel but the water was real murky from all the sand being churned up. I think these conditions in the Caribbean Sea are directly related to Hurricane Danielle, even though it is far from our shores it still has an affect on the sea.

We are watching Tropical Storm Earl closely, some of the models show that it may come "too close for comfort". I am glad that Rachel and Macy will be safely back in Idaho before it gets too close. We choose to live here and will take whatever comes, but they shouldn't have to. The tropical depressions are lining up across Africa and the Atlantic so we will keep praying that they all become "fish storms" and do not make landfall anywhere. We certainly hope not to see that, and I worry so much about Haiti. The conditions there are such that even a minor Hurricane or Tropical Storm could be devastating.

Last night the Mission President came over from Puerto Rico to set Rick apart as the Elders Quorum President, we had a nice visit with him before. He is a most dynamic man with an incredible Spirit. He spent two hours with the leaders of the Branch doing a training and explaining changes they are making here on St. Croix. I really believe in the changes he is calling for. I know these people can be self sustaining if they are given the chance and taught what they must do. It looks as though I will be released at the 1st Counsellor in the Relief Society, I may be called as a teacher or something else, whatever the Lord wants me to do, I am ready. He is calling for there to be one Axillary made up of the Relief Society President(as the President) with the Young Women's President as the 1st Counsellor and the Primary President as the 2nd Counsellor with a Secretary to serve them. They want us to go out and find the less and inactive and bring them back, then we will be ready to find new persons for the missionaries to teach. Also, the local people need to be able to run the Branch themselves without depending on the Missionaries. The Mission President told Rick and I that we are Cruzans now and a part of that local leadership. It's a little scary.

We did hear that the Babcocks will be leaving sometime in the next two months. The Mission President doesn't want the Senior Couples to serve in one area more than six months, so the members don't get to dependent on them. While this is probably a good idea for all of us, I was so looking forward to having them here to help lead and guide us over the next two years, not to mention the friendship they extend to Rick and I , has been very comforting and made a lot of the adjustments easier( they are like us and from the same part of the world that we come from). Anyway we will cope, but now we need your prayers more than ever.

I am so grateful that Rachel and her family were able to come a visit at this time. Originally, I was a little worried about the timing. Rick just started working and financially we were a little strapped to be hosting company, but they pitched right in and bought groceries and helped out with everything. It was so good to see them and spend time with Macy. I hope it won't be too hard to let them go tomorrow.

The need for prayer is even greater now. Prayer for my family, prayer for my Branch and prayer for myself and Rick. I know we can do this, we want to do this and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord wants us to do this.

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