Friday, August 6, 2010

Yesssssssssssss! We have a car, we have a job. Ain't life grand. Funny how a few little things can change your attitude. Well it was an interesting day. Had to wait(shocking, I know) for the wire transfer of $$$, then we went to the bank with the car owner, got her the money, went to the insurance company(they only wanted a pint), I have been driving for 43 years and never before has anyone asked me the year I first got a drivers license. This is for liability only insurance on a 13 year old car. We were literally there for over an hour, filling out forms and we still have to go back with a copy of the registration, title in our name and our drivings records from the state of Idaho. Yeah, can you believe it. If insurance in the States took this comprehensive a look at their clientele maybe we would have lower rates and only the good drivers on the road. Also, you can't get your car registered or have the title transferred into your name without showing proof that you already have insurance. There's a good one for the States. Anyway...we will finish up with the registration, title transfer and our VI drivers licenses (can't wait to see what I have to produce to get that, maybe they will want my firstborn, I might be willing to turn her over) on Monday. I will take some pictures of our "island car" and post them tomorrow.

Rick will start work on Monday and we can expect a paycheck about the 24th of August. Almost can't imagine what that will feel like. Not only have we been waiting 2 months in the VI for a job, it has been a while since he had any kind of regular paycheck in the States. We are excited.

Then right before we were going out the door to pick up our car, a friend in Idaho called and she wants our freezer. This is excellent news. One down, one to go, just need to sell that piano. Would be nice if we could get it done before Rachel leaves to come down here(August 13th). We'll have to see what can happen. Gotta keep praying.

We were pretty busy running around all afternoon. Went and did a little grocery shopping, the cupboard was pretty bare, what with no car for almost a week. Can't shop here like I did in Idaho. Things don't keep too long, so for fresh things you need to go every few days. While we were riding from the bank to the store and home again, in our cool air conditioned car, I could not help but reflect on just how blessed we have been. Sure there have been some trying times, I could refer back to blog such and such, just to name a few, but over all everyone has been so good to us, our Heavenly Father has watched over us and sent those of you who have cared for us so tenderly to be our angels. There have been many tremendous friends here on St. Croix and so many of you back in the States offering encouragement and praying for us. Could not have done it without you.

I have been reading the Book of Mormon and reading it like I would a novel, several chapters each day, and it is truly an amazing story. It really comes to life when you read it like you would any other story and not just pick at it, a few verses every so often. I challenge any of you reading this(meaning this blog) to try it. See the story of these noble people unfold and realize that they are so much like us. See what we can learn from their mistakes and successes. See if we can advance ourselves on the road to perfection any quicker. It's worth a try and you know it can't hurt.

Well I am tired tonight, but it's a good tired. Tired from a full day and not just a day full of frustration. Tomorrow Rick has a meeting with someone from the Mission Presidency, so maybe he will have a calling in the St. Croix Branch, I hope so, he needs something to do in the Church(something official).

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