Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today I was a slug. Did do some things around the house in preparation for Rachel, Don and Macy's visit. Rick and I had a long discussion about the trip to Florida in September, we really can't afford to take it, we need at least another month and maybe more to catch up. We have decided to try to work with Worldmark and see what we can do to move the time in the condo. We'll see what happens with that.

I mentioned in my blog a few days ago that I have been reading the Book of Mormon. I also mentioned that I have been reading it more like a novel, just going right on through, well today I have been reading 3rd Nephi. I had forgotten how much I love this particular Book. In just a really short space the Savior teaches everything necessary(actually everything He taught in Palestine during His three year Mission) to the Nephites on this continent(well in the Americas). It is so clear and concise, completely straight forward. I love how He teaches the people in such a loving manner, especially the children.

Rick and I are reading the Old Testament, one chapter at a time(we should bet through it is a couple of years) for our family scripture study. It is difficult to read, difficult to understand, just plain difficult all around. I really have trouble keeping the "time line" straight because the books are not chronological. We do discuss what we have read and I hope I'm getting more out of it than I think. It is definitely not as plain and straight forward as the Book of Mormon.

It does help to pray(you were wondering if I was going to get that in weren't you) when reading and studying the scriptures. I find that when I pray before hand for a better understanding and afterward for enlightenment things do seem a little clearer. I need to get back to having strictly prayers of gratitude(I can't seem to help but ask for something) as I do really feel as though I have so much to be grateful for.

Getting excited about the kids visit. They will be here on Friday night. Can't wait to see Miss Macy in person and hold her in my arms. I have really missed her.

Keep praying for and over everything.

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