Monday, August 30, 2010

This is my final post for Monday, 30 August 2010. We made is through Hurricane Earl. It passed pretty far to the north of us, so it really wasn't too bad. Most of the island has been without power all day and probably won't have any until tomorrow. It is a blessing to live in a complex with their own generator, it has been running all day. we had the hurricane shutters closed up for most of the day and it was eerie to be inside this "bat cave" but we were safe. We had also brought everything off the two decks into the house, so the back bedroom is "standing room only". The most amazing part was the ocean, the swells were tremendous and the breakers were just as impressive. I'm posting some pictures but they really don't show you what it was like.

We know our prayers were answered by this storm passing us by. A great big thank you to all of you who remembered us in yours. Pray is important and they are answered.

Today is the 31st anniversary of my mother's passing. No matter how long, I still miss her, especially as I play with my grandchildren, I so wish she could have held her great-grand children here on the earth. It leaves me to wonder if I will know great-grandchildren.

Next up, Tropical Storm Fiona. She is still pretty far out, so far, on the same path as Earl. The projections are that it will pass us by to the north again and it will only be at Tropical Storm strength, they are saying Thursday. Let's hope and pray for the best. By the way Earl is a major storm and headed for the US East Coast, right now it looks like it's taking a bead on Washington D.C., let's pray for the folks in the states, nobody needs that kind of destruction.

Schools won't open on the island until Wednesday, everyone is in clean up and damage control mode now. The pool at our complex is loaded with debris, mostly leaves and vegetation, but they will have their work cut out for them cleaning that up.

Good night all, Keep praying.

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