Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My last post was from Monday morning and here it is Tuesday night. I have been worn out, I forgot what it was like to keep up with a 4 year old. Macy is still bouncing off the walls, she is so excited to be here. Rachel has been taking pictures, so I have some to download. The one to the left is Miss Macy in all her Caribbean splendor.

I hope I can get these pictures to line up right. I had mentioned that Macy learned to snorkel. Well today at Chenay Bay, she went out into the deep with her Mom, Papa and me and we even say a starfish. This next picture to the right is of her practicing snorkeling in the pool.

Ok, they aren't exactly lining up the way I had hoped but you get the idea. Tonight we had fresh Caribbean lobster for dinner(a treat from Don & Rachel). Check out the size of these guys.

Well we are having a good time and enjoying one another's company. Don and Rachel got lined up to go Deep Sea Fishing on Thursday, so we will have Macy all to ourselves. We are gonna have some fun.

Keep praying especially for all of our families.

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