Friday, August 6, 2010

Last night I was a real slug, I don't know what came over me, but I was hot and tired. I went to bed at 9:30 to cool off and that was the end of it. I actually slept until 7 this morning, so I must have been tired. Can't imagine from what, I did almost nothing yesterday. I'll try to make it up in posts today.

Well we are almost there. Rick's contract is in the office waiting for him to sign. We have made a deal on a car and found a very generous friend to made us a loan. Waiting for the wire transfer of the money today and we will pick up the car, run in a circle three times(that's what you have to do here to get it registered) and go the the USDA office so Rick can sign the contract and GO TO WORK. We also need to get our VI driver's licenses, so we are completely legal. YESSSSSSSSS.

Still having to be patient as we wait for the wire transfer, but it is actually happening. I will be so relieved when Rick has that first day of work under his belt and I think he will be too.

We are swimming in gratitude for all the help we have been given. It gives me pause, to think that so often when we accomplish something we think we have done such a good job, when really almost all of our accomplishments are a joint effort, over a number of years, of countless people. This experience of the last two months has truly taught me that. I hope I can hold onto these thoughts and make them my philosophy because, I know it's true. Daily in my prayers I thank my Heavenly Father for everything I have because I know that all that we do have, including the air that we breathe comes from him, but until recently have I acknowledged that my accomplishments are for the most part a joint effort by many people, including my parents who taught me so much and those numerous people who are still teaching me today. Many by their quiet example . I will try to remember to be more grateful to everyone who is a part of my life.

We are still looking to sell our upright freezer and our piano. If any of you who regularly read my blog, in the Idaho Falls area, know of anyone who is in the market for either of these items please email me at: We left the freezer and piano with our daughter in Ririe. The freezer is an upright, it's older but in perfect working condition and the interior is in excellent shape. On the exterior the handle is broken off(this happened when it was about 6 months old as our daughter and some of her friends were swinging on it, yeah and we even let her live). Anyway, this handle has never been a problem, we just open it from the top our the side. Actually our daughter's freezer, didn't even come with a handle, you just open it from the top or the side. Anyway we are asking $250 for it as a new one, the same size is between $600 & $800.

The piano is an Upright Console. It is in perfect condition muscially(it will need to be tuned, but they really need to be tuned every time you move them, "real" musicians generally have their pianos tuned annually) and the cabinet (furniture) is in excellent condition. It is a Conn(brand) Piano. I did some homework on the internet and they are valued at $2000 to $2200, we are asking $1500. I had really been hoping that it went to a family with kids who could learn on it and enjoy it the way we have, but frankly whoever comes up with the $$$ can have it.

We need the $$$$ and our daughter needs to be done with these things, so we are making every effort to sell them in the next week. Our daughter is leaving on Friday, August 13th to come down here for a visit, and will be here for 2 weeks, so we are sincerely hoping that we can sell these items before then. Any, help you can be will be greatly appreciated. Remember email me at and I can call the interested party, or you can call my cell (208)604-4799 (that's an Idaho number, so it does not cost you anything extra to call it here in the VI)

Oh and we will keep praying!

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