Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trying to get my thoughts together to sit down and blog. Yesterday, we set the alarm for 3:50 am, I woke up at 3:30am and couldn't get back to sleep. We had to take the girls to the airport for a 6 o'clock flight. It was early enough and everyone was groggy enough that it wasn't to openly emotional. On the way home as it was starting to get light, we decided to go to Point Udall and watch the sun come up. Point Udall is the eastern most point in the US (territories, that is) and the first place the sun touches. Sunrise was beyond incredible, of course there I was without my camera, but that image will be burned on my heart for a long long time. Stopped at the Blue Water Terrace for some pastry and home for breakfast on the deck.

Spent the rest of Saturday doing some laundry, lazing around the house and in general feeling kind of lonely. We had two weeks of a house full of people, especially a four year old and now it seemed pretty quiet and basically lonely. Went down to the pool in the afternoon. Rachel called to say they had safely landed in SLC and that she lost her phone on the plane, but while we were on the phone they found her and told her that they found her phone, so all was well. I did manage to stay up until 9:30pm after falling asleep on the couch, when Rachel called to say she was safely in her home in Ririe, Idaho. Went to bed feeling good that we had a wonderful visit and that they had gotten safely home.

Had a horrible nights sleep, my legs were really bothering me, cramps and my right leg was aching(my old sciatic nerve thing). I was having strange dreams, couldn't really remember them, but strange. At one point I must have been dreaming because I thought Rachel was calling me, it was so real that I went into the back bedroom to check on her(of course she had gone home). The really strange thing, was that, the night before she asked me if I was calling her, either right after we went to bed or early in the morning because she heard me calling. I wonder if it was the power of suggestion or are we more connected in some way than I had thought. I have to say that I felt that we had a wonderful visit, I felt really close to Rachel and that we had some nice talks.

This morning I was somewhat apprehensive about church, wondering what exactly was going to happen with all of the changes that had been outlined by the Mission President. Not to fear, nothing really happened and in a way I was disappointed. While change is scary to some extent, I am also excited about the changes that have been outlined and wondering where I will fit into the flow of things. I'm reluctant to get too carried away in my calling while it appears that I will be released shortly. I suppose it's important to carry on until things actually change and just see what happens.

We are watching the weather change throughout this afternoon as Hurricane Earl approaches. All of the models show it going to the North of St. Thomas, so we are told to expect Tropical Storm conditions, as we should only see action from the outer bands of the storm. The barometric pressure is dropping as the storm approaches and Rick has suggested that maybe that is what is causing my leg to swell and put pressure on my sciatic nerve. It's time to batten down the hatches and gather things from off the decks and store them in the house. I suppose we will know when we should close up the Hurricane Shutters and turn the AC on. The condo complex has a generator so hopefully we shouldn't be out of power for too long. I'm still praying that it will turn off to the North and be further from us than expected, but so far it hasn't turned as much as predicted to even take it North of St. Thomas.

Keep praying for us and St. Croix. I have to say that while I have some apprehension, I'm not too scared, I put my trust in the Lord. I know He brought us here, so I trust He will protect us. I do pray that our little island will not see too much devastation, and as always I pray that Haiti can escape the storm all together. Rick just went to take the trash out and the condo management has taken up all the trash barrels. The chaise lounges at the pool are all put away, everything is tied down or put up. I pray also that our island car will be OK. We have parked it in the center of the parking lot between other cars, so as to afford as much protection as possible(we carry only liability insurance).

Hopefully we will have Internet service and I will write more tomorrow. I promise to get back on as soon as possible. Keep praying for all who are in harms way.

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