Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Had a real lazy day today, needed to do some more paperwork(still catching up) and was having a hard time with it, went downstairs at one point and thought I would lay down for just a minute, three hours later the phone rang, I could not believe it, but I must have needed it.

Later in the afternoon Rick and I went down to the pool so I could work out and cool off, while we where there, The Senior Missionary couple, the Babcocks stopped by. They are still out of electricity and looked absolutely melted, we told them to go home get their swimming things(senior missionaries do not have the same rules as the young missionaries) and get some things and plan on spending the night. We had no idea that so much of the island was still without power. We are becoming more and more grateful for out condo each day.

The Babcock's came back, we went back to the pool and had a nice refreshing bob in the pool then we came home and made dinner. They brought some salad(good thing cause we had none) and we made up some pasta and sauce. Actually a pretty good impromptu dinner. Then we had a nice evening, staying up way too late and visiting. We are really glad we had the opportunity to share this with them.

I have been back on my gratitude thing(wondering how I ever got off of it, or why). There is so much to be grateful for and in this time of storms and related difficulties it becomes more and more apparent. As always, I am grateful to be able to live here on St. Croix(even in hurricane season), I am grateful for the home that has been prepared for us here and I am so grateful for the kind hand of friendship extended to us by so many. I am eternally grateful for my "eternal companion", my family, especially my little girlfriend Macy, and so many close friends who are constantly in touch with us and checking on us. I really makes us feel good. I am grateful for prayer and for those that are answered and even for those that are not.

More storms on the horizon, keep praying for us and others that they will all become "fish storms" keep them heading out to sea.

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