Thursday, September 30, 2010

After a couple of days of not posting, I figured I had better just write this morning. I had not realized how the tensions of the past few weeks had affected me. I know I had not been sleeping well but just figured that was my normal "crazy" sleep patterns, anyway...after having some things settled, exactly the way they should be, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and have felt how exhausted I was. Yesterday was the final tying up of loose ends and last night I about passed out around 9 o'clock. Actually it felt good. Aside from that we did have a couple of nights where we simply could not get hooked into the Internet. Good news, that really doesn't bother me too much anymore. Guess I'm weaning myself away from it.

Rick and I have been enjoying our afternoons together. We have been real fortunate with the job he has, where he really only has to work a few hours in the mornings on most days. They are making a push to finish up by the end of October, so he is working more now but that is probably good as it is preparing us to a more "regular" job that will probably take him away from home all day. He has been making applications all over the place, but so far no takers, but we keep praying. The contract for this job is written until the end of November, so we are hopeful that there might still be some work in November but we're not counting on it.

After much talking and brain storming we have decided that I will not look for work until after the first of the year. I am still planning on going to Idaho for the month of December to help Rachel, when she has her baby, so it seems foolish to work for two months and expect a month off. Of course, if something fell into my lap and they would consider the month off, I might just take it, but we have the problem of the car.

Yesterday I made plans in the afternoon, Rick cleared it because it figured he would go out to the site in the morning, then his boss called and wanted to meet him out there at 2 in the afternoon. I had to do part of my planned excursion and then take him out to the site and drop him off and go and finish up. He was able to get a ride home easily enough, but he was not happy about the whole set up. Therefore he is encouraging me not to work. I have agreed for 2010, but we'll see what happens for 2011. A lot will depend on what kind of income he can make at another job, right now we're doing fine but we'll have to see what the future brings.

Meeting a friend today to workout in the pool together, it will be nice to have some company, not that I mind being in the pool by myself. I have to admit, I love that pool. I actually look forward to working out.

Weather has turned to be more like what I would have expected in the tropics. Partly cloudy each day, with some scattered showers and not really too hot or humid. For my taste it's just perfect. Rick keeps telling me he's not so sure if it has really cooled off or if we are just acclimating, either way works for me.

With the aforementioned (is that a word, guess it must be cause spell check didn't catch it) burden lifted off my shoulders I feel like I can concentrate on the things that I want to, instead of constantly trying to ward off trouble. I feel like my prayers can be more about my family than myself, not sure if that makes sense, but it sure does feel good.

I'm looking forward to meeting Rachel's new baby, so far everything indicates it's a girl, and I'm looking forward to spending some time with Macy. Not necessarily looking forward to spending time in Idaho in December, or being away from Rick for 3 weeks (the plan is that he will come out for Christmas week and then we'll fly home together), nor am I looking forward to that long trip alone (4 flights), but that's where they are so it will be OK. The girls and I should have plenty to keep us busy in that 3 weeks, getting ready for Christmas, that it will fly by. An added benefit it that I don't have to worry about decorating my house for Christmas, we'll just put all our efforts into Rachel's house. I don't mind the decorating, what I don't relish is the taking down and putting away of all the decorations. Rick's and my gift giving will be limited to the spending on this trip (so that will make that part easy).

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