Thursday, September 2, 2010

Woke up early, even after a late night, to a beautiful day. Our friends the Babcocks(the senior missionary couple here on St. Croix) spent the night, because they had no power or running water at their apartment. We had a nice breakfast and a good visit. They are helping us get a better insight into what we should be doing here in the "Branch. We try hard to follow the Spirit, but it's nice to have some confirmation from other people that the things we see and feel are not tainted by our personal experience and prejudices.

When to Book of Mormon scripture study at the Branch today and it was especially good. Some of the sisters are so insightful and add a new and different dimension to my understanding. After that we went grocery shopping, UGH! I hate shopping of any kind and grocery is the worst. Then when we came home, we had to put all the stuff away. It'd done now and we're going to relax and watch the new Netflix. I'm tired.

Have to keep praying, we have a few days reprieve from he storms by Gaston is on the horizon and nobody seems to know what it will be doing, have to "keep a weather eye on the horizon" and a prayer in our hearts for the safety of all.

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