Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just so nobody thinks I'm getting lazy about my blog, we have been having trouble with our internet provider. The connection here at the condo works but Innovative the local Cable/Internet/Phone company has been blinking out from time to time. This affects our Internet service as well as the TV. We still don't watch much TV but we will wait until 50 minutes until the hour for the Tropical Report on the Weather Channel, and the TV will blink out right before it, frustrating. Even more frustrating is when I log on to the computer get on the Net and start checking out some of my favorite spaces and I "get the boot" because the connection was lost. Anyway...just so you don't think I'm losing interest or getting lazy or something like that.

Yesterday, Saturday, we had big plans for a fun filled day(Rick's words,not mine) we were going to go to the beach in the early part of the day and out to dinner and a concert in the evening. All outside activities. Well when we got up it was pretty cloudy and windy, not lookin' too good. I suggested we get dressed right away and go to breakfast. We did, it was good(I love eating breakfast out, it feels so luxurious to me) then because it didn't look like we were going to get any beach time in, I suggested we go over to the Divi Resort, cause I wanted to pick up something I had seen in their gift shop for Macy. While in there the skies opened up and the rain came down in buckets, the wind was fierce and the ocean was really roaring. On our way home we decided that the beach was out and it didn't look good for the "concert under the stars" either. Since the rain was letting up a little, I suggested we go by Rick's job site and he would show me the new sign. When we got there it turned out the construction crew had decided to work and they were sitting out the storm in their trucks(they were going to have to sit all day). So....we came home with all of our plans for a fun filled day scrapped and Mr. Excitement took a 4 hour nap. I spent a lot of that time cleaning up the mess that the storm made in the kitchen and entryway because we had left the windows open. When Rick got up he finished up the clean up. We did have a real nice dinner at home and played a game and watched a movie, and I was content. The best laid plans and all of that.

Today, Sunday, our official day of rest. We had some real good meetings at church. I had to teach Relief Society and of course, was nervous. I do think the lesson was pretty well received. Their was a broadcast fireside tonight, but because it was a Church Education System broadcast geared to Young Adults we opted not to go. It was a good day and all but I woke up with a terrible headache(more low pressure, I fear) so I felt exhausted.

Hurricane Igor(category 4 today) is out there but the projected path puts it pretty far north of us, so we should be good. The storm in the Caribbean that caused us so much grief yesterday, is expected to reach Tropical Storm strength but it is past us now. There is one more Tropical Wave coming off of Africa that looks kind of ominous, so this is no time to give up on the prayers for our safe passage through hurricane season. We also pray that Haiti can escape, not only the hurricanes but even the heavy rains that would be so devastating to the people there who are still living in tent cities. Actually we keep praying that all of the storms will be "fish storms" heading only out into open waters. There is no breeze tonight and the humidity is high, not my favorite weather conditions, makes it real warm and muggy. Thank goodness for the fans.

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