Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today is a twofer, last night I was just too tired. Friday really wasn't very exciting, I was tired most of the day, I think I'm still playing catch up from something. Rick did have to work for most of the day, he had to go back to the job site twice and file all his reports and download all his pictures, so it was that kind of a day for him. Went to bed early.

Friday, today, was a gloriously beautiful day. Nice stiff breeze and it seemed a little cooler, beautiful blue sky. We spent some time in the morning reading and discussing the Sunday School lesson and being lazy. Then Rick helped me with some house cleaning, we basically cleaned the downstairs and mopped the kitchen floor. Not really a big project and didn't take too long, but we were both ringing wet. Even on a cool day a little exertion will help you work up a good sweat.

I had been promising Rick that we would go to the Deep End for Crabby Patties. His Mom sent us a check for our anniversary, so we decided that today was crabby patty day. I do think the Deep End is my favorite restaurant. Good food, great atmosphere and not too expensive. We came home and had a surprise visit from the Babcocks, always enjoyable. Then went for a dip in the pool. Not terribly exciting, but a nice day together. We are really learning how to be together and depend on each other more. I like it.

After several of you asked, I realized that I never did tell you that, yes, Rick did finally get paid. He got paid on Friday 8/27(he was supported to get paid on Tuesday 8/24), so it really wasn't too long a wait. It was just that we were completely out of money and had promised to pay out rent on the 24th, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, it all worked out, the landlord is off island and wasn't even looking for us. We did manage to have a nice anniversary dinner on the 25th, etc., etc., etc. I do need to be better about telling all of the story, and not just complaining about things without saying how they worked out.

I really do need to be better about not complaining about anything. I have all of my "just shoot me" moments, probably because I like to be a little bit dramatic, but just for the record both Rick and I feel so blessed and know that we have absolutely nothing to complain about. We live in such a beautiful place, have such a comfortable home and are probably happier than we have been in long time. We were just talking tonight about how glad we are not to be looking at Fall and Winter the way most folks are. We talk all the time about how much we really love it here and how we are actually a little bit surprised at that. There was actually a time in my life when I thought "endless summer" would be boring, well now I say "bring it on".

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