Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sitting in an Internet cafe trying to catch up. Our condo complex has new managers and I have no trust or faith in them. Maybe it is coincidence but since they have come in we have had more problems with various things. Currently it's the Internet service. They blame the provider, Innovative, and maybe that is true, but I'm starting to suspect otherwise.

Anyway.... we came down here this morning to do some business and I thought I would take this opportunity to blog. don't want to get out of the habit. It's strange how disconnected you can feel with cut off from the Net. I don't really like that feeling.

Weather has been beautiful. We have been watching the Tropical Reports and they assure us Igor, who is taking a direct bead on the islands will turn to the north shortly. Keep praying for this, we sure are. This storm is a monster and even if it came within a few hundred miles of us it could do some serious damage. May it be a "total" fish storm and head out to sea.

Got some great news yesterday. Our dear friends the Gordon's had a turn of really good luck. Well not actually luck, they worked hard for this,not to mention the prayers that I know have been offered in their behalf. The news is that Bobby has primary custody of his daughter Nicki, hopefully now they can settle down and have a more normal life, at least I hope that Bobby can, I know that he has done everything possible in the last few years to assure that Nicki already has the most normal life she can. Rick's and my best wishes go out to them with the hope of a very bright future.

Got some unfortunate news yesterday about Rachel, she has gestational diabetes. I know she is upset about this turn of events and we are too, but also know that she can get through this and maybe it will be a blessing in disguise, helping her to get even more healthy. It's not uncommon for some women to have diabetes during the end of their pregnancies, and it does go away after the baby is born. Our good wishes and prayers are with her. We are also thinking of little Mavis(most likely not her real name, buy my name for the unborn baby) and hoping that both she and Rachel will come through this with flying colors. Keep praying.

Rick is being very patient waiting his turn on the computer and since he has some work he needs to do, I'll sign off and hope we get up and running at home later today.

Remember prayer does work so keep at it for all!

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