Saturday, September 18, 2010

Igor has moved on and are we glad. Unfortunately, it doesn't look too good for Bermuda. The Weather Guessers were actually right on about it's track(even though I didn't believe them there for a bit) and they probably know what they are talking about, when they say Bermuda is gonna take a direct hit. This storm is a monster, it never came closer to us than say 500 or 600 miles and the sea was raging and the wind blowing, not too much rain but I would not have wanted to be out in a boat. Keep in mind that, that is 500 to 600 miles away. Pray for the folks in Bermuda.

Had a good day. Got off to a slow start but had a nice finish. Rick and I did get quite a bit accomplished and learned some valuable lessons. Did get some groceries, generally grocery shopping is a real drag for me, but we have been getting paid regularly and are able to have things on hand, so it's not the ordeal it has been in the past. We both learned some valuable lessons about how to ensure that things we have planned will work out. Follow up, follow up and follow up some more. It's a matter of recognizing the authority that you have and exercising it. Sometimes I think that we think because we are new here, we need to get in line with what others are doing, instead of leading out as the example. We will be making some changes in how we organize and do things in the future. Like I've always told my children, if you can learn from your experiences, then nothing is lost and you can be the better for it.

Ok, on to something just plain fun. Has anyone ever heard of International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well it's tomorrow September 19th. It was just a goofy by line on the home page of AOL, but being very pirate minded and living in a historical pirate paradise, I thought "what the hay"! Well it's a goofy thing that is in fact international and the founders are two guys who came down to St. Croix(go figure) from Oregon, two years ago. They have a silly web site and seem to have gotten some recognition from National G, not to mention AOL. I didn't have much time to devote to their web site, but will take another look tomorrow, but for now; "Aaarg! shiver me timbers, matey, ya best be talkin' like a pirate tomarye, ar ye may hav ta walk the plank, savvy?"

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