Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wow! what a day. This afternoon we had a nice visit with some friends and discussed some things that had been bothering me for awhile. A very Spiritual and interesting afternoon a definite answer to prayers.

As we were eating dinner Rachel called with an offer on our piano, we took it and after almost 6 months of trying to sell it, it's sold. Another answer to prayers.

Then this evening I was visiting with a good friend on the phone and I heard my cell phone give it's ding that says I had received a text, at about 11:45pm as I was heading to bead I went to look at the text and it was another good friend with an answer to prayers, I have been praying for several years.

If I hadn't been going on and on over the past few weeks about how important prayer is and reminding myself to keep praying over everything, I almost wouldn't believe it. Today has been awesome and a real testimony builder for me. If anyone hears me complaining and whining, slap me upside the head, will you please.

During the day today I had another interesting thought. Yesterday I was going on about not wanting to do certain things and forcing myself to do them anyway. Well it occurred to me that I am constantly praying for something or other and, what if, Heavenly Father said; "well Barbara I just don't feel like it today". Of course, I can't imagine that ever happening, but it's the flip side of my not wanting to do things and these are good things that I know I should do, things that will really benefit me in the long run. It's given me a whole new perspective about "simply not wanting to do something".

Well I can't say much more than how grateful I am for a Heavenly Father who loves me and who does listen to and answer my prayers. What ever else you may do KEEP PRAYING.

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