Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a day, it is absolutely beautiful, Fall in the Caribbean. Temps in the low 80's, clear skies, terrific blue sea and an absolutely wonderful day, and it's Sunday to boot!

Today at church I was released as the 1st Counselor in the Relief Society and called as a teacher in the R.S. When the Mission President was in St. Croix about 6 weeks ago her explained his vision for our Branch. There will now be one Auxiliary for the sisters, consisting of a Relief Society President as the President, the Young Women's President as the 1st Counselor and the Primary President as the 2nd Counselor. This will allow these sisters to work together in behalf of all the sisters and children in the Branch. We are having a huge effort at reactivation, especially in the area of Primary and the Youth (another reason for this NEW Auxiliary Presidency), anyway, after all the fal de rah regarding these changes and where I would fit into the mix I am greatly relieved to be called as a teacher. I think I can really make a difference here, it will be small and slow, but I have also learned that for things to be really effective small and slow (baby steps) is the best way.

Today I taught the gospel Doctrine lesson in Sunday School. The sister who normally teaches wasn't feeling well and she has another sister who generally substitutes for her, but yesterday she decided to ask me. I told her no problem and then realized we are just beginning to study Isaiah, I was so nervous. I find Isaiah really hard to understand, but the manual had a lot more information than I expected and it really helped me to understand, at least, this portion of Isaiah. I felt I did a pretty good job, I hope the class felt the same. Just more baby steps.

I really love this Branch. If you asked me to give you one reason why, I really couldn't. I suppose the main reason is that I know this is where I belong at this time in my life. I suppose my feelings about the Branch are the same as my feelings about St. Croix in general. Rick, keeps telling me how surprised he is that he likes it here so much. I have to admit, I had no idea he had so much apprehension about coming here, but I am relieved that it were all unfounded. It's great for the two of us to be so happy.

I really enjoyed the Women's Conference last night. I really felt a "touch of home" seeing all of those sisters in Salt Lake City and hearing from our leaders. Sometimes you don't know how isolated you are from that, until you are reminded. As I said earlier both Rick and I are truly "home" here, but sometimes we do feel a little isolated from the mainstream of everything that is familiar to us, especially the church. It was good to hear our Prophet, President Monson speak to us. I am looking forward to General Conference next week, I hope I will be able to sit for that length of time. I suppose prayer would help.

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