Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some "island thing" had our Internet down for two days, just another glitch in paradise.

Went to the church social thing last night and as predicted, it wasn't so bad, actually it was kind of fun. Unfortunately, I had a real severe breathing incident, like a major sinus, asthma, allergy, some sort of horrible attack. Came home and was miserable, took a decongestant, some ibuprofen and went to bed. Have had a groggy feeling all day(probably the drugs) and my throat still isn't completely clear. When I started thinking about what could it be, I figured it was some sort of allergic reaction to something at the church, but this hasn't happened before, then I remembered that the senior missionaries have been cleaning out and organizing the library. When we first got there, I went down to the library to visit with Sister Babcock and spent some time in there. The only thing I'm real allergic and pretty sensitive to is mold and I wonder if there is some mold in and among all those books and papers that were stacked in the library, in this climate it's not a far stretch to think so. Anyway....I am going to have to be careful about that, hopefully, once they are done organizing and things aren't so "stirred up" it won't be so bad. Just one more thing!

Didn't do much today but lay around and read, trying to get over the breathing incident and the result from the drugs. We were supposed to deliver the twin bed back to the missionaries but that didn't happen. Well tomorrow is another day, Hope to be off to a better start and finish tomorrow.

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