Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well it's Sunday again. I'm still learning lessons in turning things over to the Lord, otherwise frustration could be my constant companion. Preferably not! Rain today, I expect another "tropical wave" passed by. Good when they stay waves and don't mature into anything else, even better when they pass by.

Drove out to the Carambola Resort today after church. Rick had a meeting and there was a couple visiting from California who needed a ride back. Had a nice visit with them, and felt pretty good that I could get myself there and back(I haven't done a lot of driving on the island) the whole time staying "on the left".

We just finished a great dinner of rib eye steaks. Back in Idaho eating beef wasn't really a luxury(we almost always had a side of beef in the freezer) but here it is expensive, so we haven't had much. Things have been looking up with a regular paycheck and all so we splurged. Umm Umm was it good! Going to settle down for the evening and relax!

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