Friday, September 10, 2010

Yesterday we went to the Babcock's in the afternoon for haircuts. No not me, I actually have decided to grow mine out, much easier to pull up and get off my neck and out of my face. Rick was sorely in need to a haircut and the salon's all charge about $50. Sister Babcock bought some clippers and has been cutting her husband's hair. We thought his hair looked pretty good, so when she offered to cut Rick's we went for it, she asked me if I would cut hers, thus haircut day. Rick's looks great and I hope Sister Babcock is happy with hers.

Today we had a nice relaxing day with no expectations. Rick worked in the morning but was home pretty early. I got a load of laundry done, some light cleaning(just a general fluff and buff) and a lot of needed paperwork. I finished putting the groceries away from the shopping trip yesterday(my favorite thing to do, NOT) and then we went to the pool. I even cooked a real nice dinner(we've had a lot of salads and thrown together things because it had been so warm). The temperatures have dropped and so has the humidity, it is wonderful. Just another day in paradise. Keep praying the storms pass us by.

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  1. Sister Babcock loves her haircut and reads this blog faithfully, but has never commented because nobody else has.