Friday, September 17, 2010

Guess the best we can hope for is up and down and in and out, computer was out again yesterday. It's not our condo complex but the provider on the island(needed to get that in because I was complaining a few days ago that I had my suspicions it was actually the condo), not sure what their problem is but I guess I just have to deal with it.

I was talking about cell phones with a friend the other day, particularly about how dependent we are on them and how although I'm definitely hooked, I hate it. Well ditto for the Internet. Actually double ditto. It makes me crazy that I'm crazy when I can't get on and see what's happening or get in touch with someone, or pay my bills or check my bank account or whatever... Just a few years ago, I had a computer and I was hooked up to the Internet but I was not dependent. Got to find a way to break this habit. It's like dieting, you still have to do it(especially where I live now) but you have to do it in moderation and with discipline and not get completely crazy when it's not there. I'm sincerely gonna work on this.

Also, along with this computer thing spent some time thinking about "justification". Like justifying why I'm so attached to the computer. I really need to be comfortable in my own skin and learn to really think through the things that I say and do. Then there is no reason to have to justify these things or make excuses for my actions or beliefs. Now there is also a responsibility to not intentionally hurt other's feelings or trample on their beliefs.

Need to remember to work on all of these things. The goal is to keep getting better, right?

More things to pray for.

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