Thursday, September 23, 2010

OK, if you can believe this, it actually feels like fall down here. Well Fall in the Caribbean anyway. The winds are pretty swift, and it was a little overcast today, temps in the low 80's and we had a few rain storms pass by. Now I know I'm gonna take flak from my friends in the states who read this because it's nothing like the Fall they are experiencing, but for the islands there is a change and for me it feels like Fall.

Big rainstorms last night. Since we sleep with the patio doors in our room wide open you can't miss it when it rains and it was coming down in buckets. At one point something flashed and popped(more like exploded) on a power pole not to far away and we both woke up with a start. Not sure if the power went out or not (because there are generators at our condo project, in the night you never really know for sure). Anyway that was a rude awakening, and then of course, I was wide awake and couldn't go back to sleep. Had to turn to my trusty book. Wind is picking up right now and a short shower just passed by, it's amazing how hard the rain can come down for only a few minutes. I suppose I should be grateful it's only a few minutes because things could get flooded real quick.

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