Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally, it stopped raining long enough to get down to the pool to work out. It really felt good, I was getting kind of stiff. At the pool we met a nice man from Denver, CO, who is here with a company who are building a large sports complex on the island. He gave Rick his number and told him to stay in touch for some possible work. An added bonus of getting to the pool to work out.

It did rain later on in the day, but just normal showers, not the incredible deluge that we had yesterday. It has cleared off late this afternoon but now for the evening there is lightening off in the distance so I'm sure something else is moving in. We are experiencing "tropical wave" after "tropical wave". The weather channel seems disappointed that these waves are not organizing into "tropical depressions" and then "tropical storms" and then onto the grand finale "hurricanes". The nerve of them, just so they can have something exciting to report they would wish that on us.

Depression, tropical or not is starting to settle in on Rick about this car situation. Unfortunately, today I had to tell him like it is and get kind of tough. He gets so down about these type of things and then he does nothing but brood. He seems immobilized by his "I don't know what", but it starts to make me kind of crazy. We had an incredible offer of help from an unexpected source today. We will try to take them up on at least half of it. Hopefully this is something that will work. Tender mercies.

Faith, it's a wonderful thing but then a big responsibility. Once you declare your faith by either your actions or just your words, you really have to put your money where your mouth is lately that is quite literal. I find that I need to be reminded of this often. I really didn't think it would be easy, just easier. Funny though, a few days ago I was whining and complaining that I was scared and as I have really examined my faith I find that I am no longer scared, I know things will work out the way that they should, probably not the way I envisioned, but they way that they should. On the flip side, you can't give another person your faith, it is something that they have to find for them self, that can be frustrating.

Must keep praying. Praying to have and hold onto Faith and praying for others to have as much or more Faith. After all I may need their help to boost mine.

I just love spell check, don't you.

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