Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Had my first job interview in about 30 years today. I think it went fairly well. It was a real preliminary interview to sort out people who might be qualified for a list of positions at a local resort that has been bought out by Marriott Renaissance. They told us that those who are qualified will be called back for another interview with the department heads next week and if you make that cut, the final interview will be with the General Manager. It will be interesting to see if I make the first cut. The only bad thing is that this resort is on the other end of the island from where we live. But then a job is a job. I would really only like to work part time, but we'll see what happens.

On our way home we had several lovely experiences with our "island car". It over heated and caused a hose to pop off the radiator connection. Rick didn't have any tools to fix it, so he called our Branch President and he was kind enough to come out and help us get it back together. Fortunately we had bought 2 gallon jugs of water at K-Mart(part of our hurricane preparations)so we had some water to put into the radiator(even if I had not planned on using the fancy store bought water in that way). Evidently not enough, because we only made it a little way down the road and the hose came off again. We were able to make it into a gas station/convenience store. Rick spent about an hour trying to get it fixed, many people came over to offer assistance and advice. The concierge at the convenience store (don't even ask) came over several times and gave great moral support. Rick as having a real "island moment" but he never did lose his temper too badly. He did accuse me of losing it once and yelling at him(never happened) but other than that he was pretty cool about the whole thing(not literally cool, because he was dripping wet, working out in the sun, under the hood of the car). I was sitting in the car with the windows open and it really wasn't too bad. The up side to all of this is that Rick will make every effort to look for another car as soon as we possible can.

After the whole car experience we had to stop and do some grocery shopping. I was hot and tired and would have rather chewed cardboard for dinner but we had to stop and buy some "engine coolant" (anti-freeze, to those of you in the states, but it would be pretty absurd to call it anti-freeze down here) anyway... the best place to buy anything is in the grocery store, Plaza Extra, cause "day have all u need". They had it and a whole lot more and at check out we were treated to our next "island moment" when our brand new check, on our brand new checking account was "no good". I was still laughing, and grateful for a debit card on my Kyani account back in the states.

When we got out to the car we said a prayer that we would make it home safely and the car would have no further problems. We did. I believe in the power of prayer. Got home and I told Rick, imagine that after a day like today, I still love it here.

Yesterday, I decided, no more discouragement. I really need to get busy and be in service to others, so I stop worrying about my problems. After all in the grand scheme of things they are pretty insignificant.

Got home and had a packet of mail from our Swan Valley box, that is always exciting. In that packet was a phone bill from our old phone company in Idaho. That would be from the phone that was turned off on 15 May, well the phone was turned off, but apparently the bill wasn't, because I got a bill for the last 2 months. And to think I was all excited because when I had the phone turned off, they told me that I would probably have a refund, because after all you pay your bill in advance. Can't wait to try and straighten this one out tomorrow. Just another island experience, only this one is from Idaho. Are you seeing the common thread here.

Oh well, going to bed, but you better believe that I will keep praying.

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