Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just another lazy day in paradise. The condo we're renting is for sale and the property manager called yesterday to say she wanted to show it today at 10:30. We got up had breakfast, straightened up the place and went to the pool. We had a nice time and made a few phone calls but didn't come back until almost 1:00, needless to say I'm a little more than pink tonight. Not too much pain and I have my "Burn Free".

Tomorrow we get "our car", then hopefully on Monday we get the air conditioning fixed in "our car". finally got all the paperwork settled. Hope this turns out to be the good thing it looks like.

Really hoping that this week will bring a job. Feeling a little scared and down about not having a job wondering just how much faith I have. Then this morning while at the pool, I called and talked to my friend, Carol Gallup, she is the one who has the 3 year old grandson with cancer. Talked a lot about faith and the things that get us through. It really put my problems in perspective. I know this job and money thing will work out. I'm so grateful for good health and especially the health of my family and all the things I do have.

Need to keep praying, for that job and especially for the Gallup family.

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