Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today was one of those bad news/good news days. The bad news first. Looks like our car is toast. It appears to have a blown head gasket, whatever that is, it means it's expensive to fix and maybe not even worth it. Since this is only a rental car and we only agreed to do very minor repairs, it's not really our problem to fix, but it will leave us without a car and no visible way to procure one soon. So far this is only a general diagnosis, but it doesn't look good. This seemed like a great answer to our vehicle problem, I can't help but believe that there is something even better in store.

Now the good news. Rick had an interview with the Nature Conservancy today for a job that is only a short term thing (about 2 months) but it pays a lot of money in that short time and it looks like they might offer him the job. We should know Monday or Tuesday for sure. Start date about 1 August. Then this evening the director from the Estate Whim Museum called and he has an interview with their committee tomorrow at 1:00, could be a little problematic with the car trouble and all, but he will find some way to get there. Finally, he got an email from the director of the secondary school where he interviewed for a job teaching math and science and she has highly recommended him for the job and is talking to the general director this evening, we may know more tomorrow. Still haven't been able to find out what this job pays, and unfortunately that is a factor, but we are really hopeful that something will break soon on the job horizon.

I'm hoping that the job Rick wants most, will come through, and that there will be enough money that he can accept it. I'm not exactly sure which one that is, but I hope that I have been supportive enough that he knows that I want him to be happy in his work. This past year has been really hard on him with the survey business coming to and end and then, although he was real excited to come to St Croix, it was really hard for him to leave the teaching position at BYUI.

On Tuesday Sister Dye gave us a breadfruit and told me how to cook it. I followed her instructions and we had it for dinner tonight. It was interesting, I will need to use more spices and probably some onion and garlic in the future, as it's kind of bland(like potatoes) but it was interesting. Trying hard to do some things different with our diet and learning to eat a little more economically. Back in Idaho we had so much food in storage and a freezer full of beef, we really weren't spending that much on groceries on a monthly basis, but since we couldn't bring any of that with us,it's a whole different ball game here and some things, like beef, are really expensive. Also, once we start working and have a regular income need to find a way to get some our food storage here.

Spent a lot of time this morning thinking about ways to reach out to people here on the island and especially in the Branch. Was hoping that once Rick had regular work, it would free up the vehicle for me to be able to get around more. Looks like that will have to wait but I know that there are other ways to help people and be helpful without having to travel. Have to work harder on this.

I appreciate so many people praying for us. I can feel your prayers. I know we are being blessed. I pray that each and every one of you will be blessed for your efforts in our behalf. See right there is a way to reach out and help people without ever leaving your home. Must keep praying and keep praying for others!

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