Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spent another day just hangin' out. Rick had his second interview yesterday with the Good Hope School, a private prep school here on the island. He has applied for a job teaching math and science. This second interview was with the secondary administrator and the two other teachers in the department. They seem to be pleased with him and his abilities. The administrator said she was going to recommend him for the job to the overall school administrator and that she, the over all administrator would be calling him. They also gave him the web address of the accounts administrator, so he could check on salary and benefits, which he did today. Now we are praying that the job will pay enough, and that they will actually offer it to him. This is what he really wants to do, and I want it for him, just hope it's enough money to live on.

We went to an activity at church last night, a good deep cleaning of the building. It was actually fun to get together with some of the people from the Branch. We were late of course, but still had something left to do when we got there. Of course, I was dripping wet within 10 minutes, this weather is just not made for cleaning, it's more for going to the pool or the beach. Anyway...did a little grocery shopping afterwards and came home an fell into bed. I was tired.

Rick is out today, still pounding the pavement, looking for work. At the very least, even if the school offers him the job and the money is good, it won't start until August 15th, don't think we can comfortably hang on until then or two week after that or whenever the first paycheck would be, so.....he looking for something in the interim.

Me I'm going to the pool. I'm going to work out and not just be a lazy bum, but work out in the pool none the less. We might be able to go see Eclipse tonight. Movies in the islands another new experience.

Once Rick has a permanent job and we know what the hours are and what his commitment will be, I'm pretty sure I will look for some employment, at lest part-time. The extra income would be nice, even if it only goes into our airline fund and I really do need something to do. Since we only plan on having one car, I need to stay out of Rick's way until he has a job and see what I can do to work around that. Haven't heard from the car rental place, but if that comes through sooner, maybe I'll try to fit it in. we'll just have to see.

Keep praying that thing will work out for us on the job hunting front and that our Honda will see back in the states.

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