Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More rain all day today. At least yesterday there were several times when the rain completely stopped, then last night the sky cleared off and the moon and stars were out. You could still see the lightening out over the ocean but pretty far out. This morning we woke up to rain and it rained all day. There were periods when it was just a drizzle but then there were times when is was an outright deluge. Apparently we are sitting on the edge of a "tropical wave" that the weather guys are watching and thinking might turn into something more. For the most part it is past us, we are just on the trailing edge. Hopefully if something more serious does form it will be far from us and other islands and heading out to sea.

One of the brothers from our church took Rick to his interview at the Good Hope School today. The administrator assured him that they would make a selection shortly. He felt that the interview went well, but not a strongly positive as the last two. She still could not tell him much about the money. She did tell him where they would start out a new teacher fresh out of college, and we really couldn't live on that. She also said that after six years as a college professor they would, of course, pay him more, but she wasn't sure how much. I guess we won't know until they actually offer him the job, if they do.

Rick did apply for yet another job today and this one was with Hovensa, the big oil refinery here on the island. According to everyone the best place to work for stability and dollars. It's a job he's well qualified for but who knows, we'll just have to wait and see.

A rainy day with no car means that I was stuck at home, not such a bad thing. It did afford me the opportunity to get caught up on some paper work and try to get our finances in order, not such a pleasant task, but none the less, one that has to be done. Also, a good day for a lot of meditation and prayer. It seems that we are just going to have to let the Holy Spirit guide us here on St. Croix. I know that is what we should be doing daily anyway, but in the normal course of things it's just too easy to take control and think that I know what I am doing. Maybe the whole purpose of our being here and so out of our element is to learn to completely give over control to the Spirit and fully allow Him to direct our lives. This is not going to be easy for me. I try hard not to try to control every situation and I really don't want to control others, but I DO want to have complete control of my own life. I pray continually for guidance from the Spirit and know that this is only guidance from my Heavenly Father, but to give over completely is another matter entirely.
Agency being one of the greatest gifts from our Father in Heaven has to be used wisely and most times the wisest way to use our agency is to give it back and allow the Spirit to guide us. This is a real case of the spirit being willing and the flesh being weak, for me. I know that this is true and I want to live this way but it's a struggle. I suppose that's the struggle between the "natural man" and "our spiritual selves". I really need to pray for more faith to let go and let God. I truly believe that will be the only way.

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