Sunday, July 11, 2010

I had to speak in church today, now that it's over it wasn't so bad, but I sure do get nervous leading up to the actual event. There were about 35 people in church today and for the St Croix Branch that's quite a crowd.

On Friday we were able to finalize the paperwork for our car. Rick had to pick Brother Octiavanni( the man good enough to lend us his car) up at the airport this afternoon, so he went and got our car. Still have to clean it out and see if we can get the air conditioner up and running. A good brother whom we give a ride home from church some Sundays, works on air conditioning, so he's going to look at it for us. Hope this turns out to be an easy fix.

That's it. I love Sundays because it truly is a day of rest. I also try to leave my troubles and worries on Saturday night and not pick them up again until Monday morning. Maybe what I need to do is not pick them up again at all. I'll have to try that.

Keep praying!

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