Monday, July 19, 2010

Today we had rain and more rain. The driveway at the condo was running like a river. The ocean at the beach was brown and murky from all the run off. The thunder and lightening was tremendous. Some of the cracks made the fillings in my teeth rattle. The rolling thunder was kind of cool. Once the rain stopped and it was dead calm the humidity really settled in. Even though it wasn't very hot(actually kind of cool today) that humidity really made it oppressive. But as the sun went down, the breeze picked up and the thick humid air seemed to move out.

Rick has his third interview with the Good Hope School tomorrow. Still no car, so one of the brothers from church is going to pick him up and take him. He got an email from the engineer regarding the Nature Conservancy job and they want an assurance that he will stay with the job through to the end, if he takes it. Rick sent a letter telling him that he would in fact finish out the job, but if he gets something else first that is in conflict he will need to take that. Everyone seems to want assurances and guarantees from us without offering anything in return. Just have to be patient.

Heard from Kelly Titus (Panama's new mother). It sounds like he is doing good and is happy in his new home. I'm so happy. From time to time I miss him terribly, but I know he would hate it here. It's way too hot for him and he would never be able to do his business on a leash(he doesn't like to be seen). So all around it's a good thing.

Trying real hard to have more faith. I feel really bad when I get so scared about our finances, after all it's only money. I know we will be OK and that things will work out, I just can't see how. I know that our Heavenly Father know us personally and has a plan for us, I just can't see it all yet. Must keep praying.

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